Transitory sketch

The piece assumes a transitory status: connect the people, events and movements in the space, deconstructing, reconstructing and overlapping these elements. Observe transitory variations (repetitive, disjunctive and distorted) of the contents of the continuous sequences and frames, marking and recording as a sketch of the space.

The piece involves screens, cameras, stepper motors, micro-controllers, ras-pis and stretchy form. Through people detection, cameras will recognize and reprocess the captured images and display them whenever somebody approaches and leaves.

The inspiration of this work is from the concern of transitory status from Liu Cixin's Ball Lightning and The Manhattan Transcripts by Bernard Tschumi. The piece tries to simulate a spatial-transitory sketch to reflect these invisible statuses.


Zhichen Gu is a multidisciplinary artist from China and based in London now. He majors in Architecture and Environmental Design and works across disciplinary areas. His works' inspiration comes from the collision between new and traditions under the development of science and technology. During his undergraduate period, he communicated and cooperated with people in different majors, enabling him to develop interdisciplinary thinking further and confirm his determination to work on digital interactions. His recent work has involved various computational techniques, combining physical computing and creative coding. Meanwhile, he is also interested in the performative form, discussing roles people play in spatial conditions.

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