Listen Back to AI

When we talk about Artificial Intelligence, we all seem to define it as humanlike wisdom and behaviour. However, the sci-fi film Her, broke the human-centred blind spot: love is a completely different cognition and significance for AI than it is for humans. If we regard AI as an autonomous object from the perspective of Bogost’s Alien Phenomenology (2012), it will be speculated to no longer merely exist as anthropomorphic.

This project is an online blog created by AI. It is trained by Grover Model (a deep learning algorithm to identi human-wrote news apart) and generated a series of texts related to AI. Then the texts were posted to an AI-generated website. The work refers to speculative realism and object-oriented ontology, aims to provide an expression of AI, to reinterpret what is like to be the artificial intelligence from an AI perspective, and reflect on our own, do not use anthropocentric cognitions to understand other objects.


Yundan Qiu is a creative coder and interaction designer whose works range from interactive installation to computer graphics. Her particularly focuses on the use of game engines, XR and physical sensors to create immersive experience. Her works were shown in exhibitions including Design Shanghai conference and Bailu contemporary art exhibition.

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