The Poetry of Change

“The Poetry of Change” is an immersive interactive installation that simulates eastern shamanic ritual using symbols from Iching, interpretation of the symbols and 2D moving images to assemble space for meditation, purification and healing. The three visual elements will be displayed on a retro CRT monitor, an LCD monitor and projected on a textile fixated on the soft ground, respectively. The 2D moving images are generated by an image-processing system called Tao-machine from Yishuai's research “Tao-machine: Bridging Symbolic Logic from Iching and Computational Image-processing Syntaxes through the Model of Speculative Process Metaphysics”.

Immersed inside the light of the moving images, the audience can push the illuminating portal’s button on the ground, activating the spatial shift through the concurrent changes of all three visual elements. “The Poetry of Change” queers the overwhelmingly expanding info-sphere in modern society by using enveloped information in symbols, their interpretations and colour dynamic as the signifiers and the signified, co-creating an immersive environment as being in the pure mode of aesthetic experience. By focusing on the processes of these changes, the threads of thinking are dissolved into a state of nothingness in constant flow, initiating the process of self-healing.


Zhang Yishuai is an artist ,researcher and energy healer. His artworks intend to explore and navigate a spectrum of dynamic resonance between organisms and machines to enable a healing quality spawned by human-computer interactions. His concept of 'traumatised entities' indicate to our collective suffering from a deep rooted belief in dualities and how we can liberate ourselves from it with the help of computation.

Aligned with Whiteheadian process philosophical thought, inspired by Taoist and Buddhist epistemology, his research questions and queers the anthropocentric relations between machines and human that strictly follows a doctrine of mechanical reductionism for efficiency in capital growth, military development and authoritarian facilitators while explores innovative methods for human-computer interaction aiming for collective healing. He simulates speculative process metaphysics to bridge the meaning of art and process of healing as a holistic being that dissolves the boundaries in this traumatised reality.

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