Memory Miniature

Multi-screen video installation, Generative graphics

Dimensions variable

Memory Miniature is a multi-screen video installation that exploring the mysterious sensation of the Déjà Vu experience, inspired by the artist's personal experience of the Déjà Vu and its features. The Installation is driven by Processing, Arduino and TouchDesigner. The system is formed by generating the random time points and creating the dynamic fading and distorting effect motion graphics. Sun is carrying an enjoyable sense of mystery in a digital installation. This transient feeling is based on a random hybrid of memories that are similar to what experiencing at present. It is an overwhelming sense of familiarity in an idiosyncratic situation that could not express concretely. Departure from the concept that every fragment in the past might become the elements of the next Déjà Vu experience in the future, Sun searches for this fleeting feeling and expects to merge with the memories fragments in the unpredictable moment.


Xinyu Sun, aka samyusure, is a visual & interaction designer and computational artist working with computational media, installations, sound and data visualisation, drawing on her background in information communication design.

Her artworks mainly engage with sensorial experience, memory and information transformation, and she is interested in creating experience-inspired installation by combing data with different media.

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