Still Waters Run Deep

This project is an indoor interactive installation, which mainly involves interaction, vision and sculpture. The data from headset controls other parts of the device to interact by collecting users' mind wave signals.

This work uses the mind wave Bluetooth transmission technology to collect mind wave data, then through Arduino and the processing to control the vibration motor and visual effect under the influence of brain wave data. The technical function of the installation are data collection and explicit display of mind wave changes.

When the audience wears the headset, the audience can carefully feel their concentration and relaxation. Different EEG data will produce different interactive effects. The light of the device uses coated convex lens and LED lamp to create a gradual effect, and the water wave under the light mapping will give audience a relaxed and quiet atmosphere.

The author's research interest is art installation and the visualization of personal feelings. The author hopes that the audience will focus on feeling their own feelings and help the audience more clearly feel the brain activities that are difficult to visualize at daily time.


Xi sun, a digital media interdisciplinary computational art designer, likes making installations and photography. The topics she interested in are the universe and emotions. She likes to capture people's real and subtle feelings in life. She hopes that she can combine the original handmade and cutting-edge technology to make abstract and interesting installation art.

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