One Night

How does one respond when they cannot know reality?

The VR game follows Ezzi, a young girl with Alzheimer's who's fighting to get her memory back. We experience her mind's unraveling from her point of view making her the ultimate unreliable narrator. You will feel trapped in the room and this is brought to life through game visual tricks.

When we become Ezzi, confusions and duplications make us feel excluded and lonely. Looking for broken memories is just failed relationships, past traumas, and stolen youth.

One night rendered scenes and textures through Unreal Engine 4, combined with Oculus Quest2 to experience an immersive experience, and created multiple game interactions. The memory display part is through Touchdesigner compute particles, in a fantastic way how life erodes, piece by piece, when Alzheimer takes over Ezzi’s life.

The rain stopped, the sun rises. Anyway, tomorrow is another day. Ezzi still living in a repeated and recycled environment.

Alzheimer's is a cruel and heartless disease that robs any affected patient of their memories, logic, and - ultimately - their dignity.


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