An evolving sound composition with real-time graphic notation.

Fifteen voices follow the directions of a leader (Aura). The behaviour of each voice is based on its interpretation of an ancestral landscape, a place where the knowledge of its predecessors is stored.

Once a voice dies, either because of old age or of energy exhaustion, the knowledge that it has accumulated becomes part of the ancestral landscape. If a voice manages to gain enough energy, it passes on its heritage to its offspring. The Aura, or leading voice, emerges from the group when an offspring is predisposed to do so. The Aura has the responsibility to behave cooperatively with the other voices. If its behaviours are deemed uncooperative, it gets demoted, its knowledge becomes part of the ancestral landscape, and a new Aura emerges from the group.

AEco.5o highlights the fluidity of heritage and the constant, mutually constitutive transformation of individuals and the material landscape. AEco.5o’s perpetual processes of constructing and negotiating history move away from the stratification of chronology. Time is not made of separate layers but is a continuum. Past and present are entangled in the same ancestral landscape, where memory is malleable and history is fluid.


Pietro Bardini is an artist working with sounds and computation. His compositional systems explore the interactions between organic and inorganic entities and exist on the boundaries between the animate and inanimate. Pietro approaches composition as a living entity that shapes and gets shaped by the environments it inhabits. His performances and installations have been shown at Barbican Centre, Borough Road Archive, The Crypt Gallery, Guest Projects, MK Gallery, LOA Gallery, University of Birmingham and IKLECTIK.

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