Brain Connection Heatmap

How to determine whether someone is conscious if they are not able to communicate or move? This project engages the theories of consciousness, consciousness disorder and how to visualise brain states taking inspiration from the unicellular organism that is slime mould. The data is taken from a patient's brain at a resting state and a simulated unconsciousness state under anesthesia.The structures are a generative interpretation of functional connectivity data over time to create a three dimensional heatmap.


Canadian sculptor artist, specialised in metal he is now looking at data as a medium and inspiration. He is fluid in a variety of coding languages, as he navigates between: AI, big data, computer graphics and the web to create abstract yet informative visuals. He is currently collaborating with neuroscience research labs at McGill University and Goldsmiths University of London to complement their research. His goal is to bring the virtual into the physical.

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