Trametes is an intereactive wearable that reacts to harsh light. The project uses multiple photoresistors and servo motors to allow the audience to influence which parts of the dress will respond to a torch.

The reaction to light is an abstract interpretation of positive and negative phototropism and the behavior of plants that grow towards or turn away from light. The Trametes form, on the other hand, was inspired by the fungi of the genus Polyporales and Auricularia, and the stony corals of the genus Merulina ampliata.

The project is a response to the combination of fashion, technology, reactions and a variety of forms that occur in nature.

Currently, the most commonly used intereactive wearables are smart watches, while in the future we will certainly add this range to other wardrobe products.

For many years, we have been able to observe the work of designers such as Hussein Chalayan, Ying Gao, Anouk Wipprecht or Iris van Herpen, who combine fashion and technology to create true works of art.


Marlena Kepa is a Polish multidisciplinary artist with a background in fashion & textile print design. She's always been fascinated in combining digital technology with fine arts. In her latest work, she uses a combination of physical computing and fashion design, thanks to which she was able to combine her previous experience with computation. She has an undergraduate & MFA degree from the Strzeminski Academy of Fine Arts, and has shown work as part of various exhibitions in Poland.

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