The reconstruction of the Chinese Nuwa myth based on the feminist concepts 'cyborg' and 'goddess' in the context of global technology virtualization.The recall of divinity and legitimacy of women. Nv wa is the goddess who created and saved humans and of reproduction and transformation. A chimera, the combination of snake and women. The cyborg is provocative, tech-savvy, non-binary, and the goddess is divine, legitimated, and transcendental. The combination of cyborg and goddess is the foundation stone of my idea.

'As long as women lack divine made in her image, she cannot establish her subjectivity or achieve a goal for her own' - Irigary

The cyborg as a symbol of breaking traditional dualism boundaries, an incarnation in the global techno-science situation, and a provocation to the reconstructed 'naturalism'. - Haraway


Jingyi is a Chinese digital and technical artist with a background in fine art. She is passionate about computing and specifically interested in digital visuals and emerging technologies. In addition, she cares about topics of power, society, and feminism.

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