'Let me give you a piece of my mind'


JG Legion is a contemporary surrealist artist, building multimedia installations to interrogate the generalities of mental health and the specifics of their own depression. They are also exploring the fluid identities that have come into being despite (or because of) boundaries set by the restrictions of recent times. Their background in fine art and computer science gives them a multilayered perspective, so that in their work, sculptural representations are augmented with lighting and code to facilitate the development of a platform for that multiple approach. These also form the basis of a metanarrative, considering the role of storytelling in describing planes of existence and their labyrinthine backdrop. A sub-narrative is the exploration of fabricated speculative AI, which offers a completely different, yet closely related, viewpoint. Channelling their fascination with surrealism, they employ the playfully subversive tactics of that dynamic practice to present ideas and pose questions - but not provide answers.

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