Mama JAI's Farm

Wiggling changes our lives. Mama Jai's farm system begins with the idea of future food. The BBC reported that Dr.Costas Bellis of Leeds University published paper in 'SCIENCE' that humans would produce 1.3 billion tons of plastic by 2040 (July 2020). Environmental problems can cause human to suffer from food shortages, so we have to prepare for them. Jai's invention, 'The Tower' is a lift-type breeding system developed to raise a plastic-eating insect 'Super Mealworm'. Several types of sensors identify the types of insect evolution and move the floor according to changes to create individual breeding environments. They eat micro-plastics or styrofoams, which will greatly help improve the global environment problem. Awareness can sometimes make humans uncomfortable but also enrich them. Mama Jai makes great food and saves the Earth. I swear, small wiggles and shivers will make a big impact. Please eat bugs and stay healthy. We can do it :).


Hi, I'm Jai Myung, digital artist and cyber sculptor. I am currently in Computational Arts MA at Goldsmiths University in London.

I have been doing visual art mainly on sculptures that combine subculture and digital. Please approach here for information and documentation about me (

I'm interested in minor story and under-culture elements. My artworks are inspired by curiosity and imagination for something which does not exist in reality, especially from science fiction. Through my artworks, imaginary things can be embodied as the arts. For instance, in one of my projects, ‘Bean Sprouts Biopod,’ I created a wearable gear. This project began with my fantasies for a future city where gets renewable energy from an organism such as a plant. In the creative arts, I can express whatever I want to. That is why I love the arts. Thanksalot Always. JAI

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