'Arthritis' is a site-specific interactive installation consisting of an exercise stepper, a buffering sign wheel, and three patterned windows of the church. As the participant steps on the pedals, the buffering wheel will rotate accordingly, enabling moiré pattern to be generated and revealed onto the windows through the meshes, finally the patterns will be simulated and synchronised through online.

In 'the Writing Screen', Bernard Stiegler wrote, 'today, in this epoch in which we don’t just live among screens but *through* them, (...) and through the constitution of an absolutely entropic – that is, absolutely unreasonable – automatic understanding.' As we're increasingly overloaded yet obsessed with interactive media and sensorial immersion among the 24/7 burnout culture today, what's being produced and consumed involuntarily through the screen, and how are they perceived bodily? By centring what's often regarded as disturbance, noise, or frictions in digital screen experience through analog materials, this work attempts to reflect on one's irreversible relationship to new media in a rapidly changing digital environment post-pandemic.


HumYeh is a media practitioner dealing mostly with pixies and pixels. Born on earth, she's been testing different ways to transmit to other dimensions.