The whole work is divided into two parts: classified questionnaire and AR work.

First, I did some research on the big Five personality categories, and I sorted out the big five personality categories. And through the impressive design of animal images, animal bones with the same characteristics are selected to show people's personalities. That's because I think the truest thing about a person is your skeleton, which is a record of who you are and even what you've been through. Just as in archaeology, the world of archaeology can look at fossil bones to determine what species it is and even what it experienced in life. I chose three kinds of flowers in the AR interface that represent the beautiful qualities I want to show others or the world. These are good qualities that people like. In the AR interface, we can attach it to the bone, which is the look we want to show to others, and the look we have in the world.This is who we really are, and it may be a little scary, but we are willing to show others a better version of ourselves through good qualities.


Haotong Qu is an interdisciplinary artist from China. He has a design background of public art. His current practice involves the change of times and the change of people's cognition of things and their different cognition of themselves and things around them at different ages, stages and identities in life. She likes to explore the subtle emotional changes in life and record them. She also likes to pay attention to the changes in the cognitive and emotional colors of myths and legends.