pollinating every plant on the planet with satellites

pollinating every plant on earth with satellites' highjacks satellite photographs of the habitats of ferns and prickly pears. The project imagines how a plant-satellite organism would map its environment.

Building on the idea that technology is not separate from nature, but a specialized branch of community biology, 'pollinating every plant on earth with satellites' generates a new map every time the user focusses the orbiting camera on a plant. By linking the plant into the digital system, the user completes a symbiotic circuit. Images collaboratively produced by humans, plants and satellites are automatically woven into a map based on algorithms inspired by natural processes.

The maps are paired with fragments of science fiction stories. The stories explore the formation of different biomes, stressing the agency of technologies (biological or human) in forming their environments as well as the centrality of symbiosis (the creative fusion of organisms) to evolution.


George Micah Kuhn is a multidisciplinary artist interested in the plants, fungi and microscopic creatures. With a background in natural sciences, they currently make installations and zines, combining computation, writing and drawing to explore symbiosis, time, technology and ecology.

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