Memories of Cities That Don't Exist. 'The life we lived without a City.'

A child falling asleep to buildings flying by the window, in the backseat of a car; a melody that relentlessly brings us back to a night walk along the river; the melancholic eyes of passersby; that lady in pink having breakfast on her balcony; the Weeping Willow tree at the corner of your grandmother's house…

This piece is not about construction, it is not about a city. It is about our perception of spaces, the way we inhabit them physically and build them mentally.

By establishing a dialogue with technology, it explores ways of building texts and images, and absorbing it, outside of its traditional formats, where tools are not only means to convey a message, but central actors of the project.

Memories of Cities that Don’t Exist is about the places we have lived, the ones we lost, and those we learnt to love through the imaginaries of others.


Eden is a London based Designer with a background in Architecture, Urban Planning and 3D Visualisation. Trained in Paris, (ENSA Paris Malaquais) and Madrid (ETSAM Universidad Politécnica de Madrid) she practiced in a wide range of multidisciplinary studios in Paris and Beirut. She has a fascination for cities, and a passion for playing with physical and digital tools to tell spatial stories. Her work explores and matches multiple techniques and media: hand drawing, mapping, 3D modeling, animation, Virtual and Augmented Reality, fixed and moving images, and hopefully many more to come.

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