The Shape of Water

Water is intangible. From whatever mentality you look at it, it is just as you think.

Nowadays, when women post photos about themselves on social networks, they always receive various comments. A large part of these comments is about the evaluations of their bodies. It can cause many women to feel anxious about their body shapes.

Women and water are where life begins, water is also regarded as feminine symbol: in traditional Chinese culture women are made by water. Cheng uses five different shapes of glasses with water inside to represent different shapes of women bodies, the audience can knock the glasses to see the animations from a projector. Cheng choose to use vibration sensors to detect every knock, transfer the data through esp32 feather to openFrameworks. Knocking in this project is about the evaluations of different women from a knocker.

During the exhibition, Cheng will break one of these glasses and present the broken pieces on the table every day. It represents women should not be constrained by the shape of glasses, water is intangible, like our souls are also free.


Cheng yang is a Chinese visual artist. With a background in Chinese traditional musical instrument performance, multimedia art design and UI/UX design. Her current practice addresses themes including universe and human, lockdown and data surveillence. Physical computing is her preferred way of presentation combining with generative art. She has an underground degree from Shanghai Conservatory of Music and participated in the production of multimedia effects for stage plays.

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