Cobalt Blues

In the race to find solutions that allow for some to maintain a comfortable lifestyle while responding to the climate crisis this artwork raises questions about the ethics of the solutions currently proffered.

A racing video game is the vehicle for an exploration of under-reported stories. The game can be played both online as a web-app as well as in situ with a remote controlled car. The work uses programming, game design and electronics to take the player on a journey which encourages reflection on how incentives create systems which aim for the wrong metrics.

Literature on the implications of the climate crisis as regards resource allocation, specifically Fair Future by Wolfgang Sachs and Tilman Santarius, and Naomi Klien’s This Changes Everything, inspired this work. The subversion of familiar materials and themes is influenced by Julien Oliver’s critiques of applications of technology.

Let’s shed light on what we prefer to leave in the dark, and may it drive meaningful change.


Bokani is a multi-disciplinary artist making works that address climate justice and integral ecology. Chiefly concerned with our response to the climate crisis, her works elicit a new response to nature and the patterns of our inter-connectivity. She works across different mediums, painting, sculpture and projection-based installations. Her work has been exhibited across the UK and in Paris.

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