Mishmash us

Mishmash us is a machine that breaches its behaviour guidelines and stops developing itself to be more human-like. It imagines a human-machine hybrid bounded by liminality, collapsing into grotesque violence. In the fantasy world of Mishmash us, humans are not being worshipped anymore, but scrutinised into materials of its new invention.

Mix trained with a model of curated human and machine images, Mishmash us presents a generative adversarial network that morphs organic human faces with mechanical structures. It live generates new creatures into a biological archive image grid, where one of the creatures will be replaced by a new generation every second. Audience can generate their own Mishmash profile through neural style transfer and facial recognition system by taking a selfie on the laptop.

Special Credits

Technical Support: Pixel Yang

Music Production: Jordan Passmore


Betty Li is a multidisciplinary artist who reconfigure the real and fantasies in the joint of physical and cyberspaces. She creates immersive and interactive experiences through machine learning, 2D/3D visuals, performance, and physical computing. She speaks about identity, intimacy, and power through her story-telling, seeking to evoke collective memories and emotions from the audience.

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