If you could never forget a dream, would you still remember me ?

What can images mean once their moment has passed - once they've been separated from their original intent? Are networked images subject to latent memory once they have been dispossessed? Does the limitless scope of contemporary archives create a culture in which all history is subjected to the now?

Creating unique data sets using images generated with Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning techniques, I explore these questions by algorithmically extracting and generating image information. Generating images from their original source material and separating them from their referent subject, I have created my own archive with the express purpose of information extraction and creation. Theoretically unlimited in scope, it has been recreated physically to create a dialogue between its constituent images. These images have been removed from their native form to be forgotten. What remains will be their essence, through ill-defined hazy memory.


Alexander Velderman is an artist from Toronto, Canada with a background in Image Arts and Photography. Often working with themes of place, technology, and resolution, his practise centers around the dissemination of images. Combining digital outputs with traditional printmaking, photographic methods, installation, video, and programming, he explores how we create consensus around cultural memory in a networked media environment. Alexander holds an Honours Bachelor of Arts from the Ontario College of Art and Design University (OCADU), and has exhibited work in Toronto and Mexico City.

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