Computational Arts MA/MFA Degree Show, 1st - 5th September 2021 Opening night Wednesday 1st September

As glass is broken, crushed into sand, and melted into glass again, this exhibition is built on shifting sands.

We are all growing accustomed to transfiguring our way of being in the world. Previously unthinkable situations have become commonplace. Rather than sway with these seismic shifts we would like to consider how things may be dissolved and reconfigured in equally, and previously, unthinkable ways. We have watched the boundaries between media, politics, science, make believe and magic become more permeable – for good or for ill ‘the actual world - the real world, if you like - is formed of malleable clay; its metaphysical structures is just as malleable’.*

In a microchip, what once was sand now channels electrons. Computational streams of information mediate the flux of our realities. The always was, now otherwise.

Acknowledging this shaky territory, Shivers will feature ground-breaking immersive performances, interactive installations, virtual and augmented realities, showcasing the diversity of computational forms of art. As a response to the aforementioned plasticity of boundaries, and of making and remaking, the works in this exhibition - as diverse in its offerings as they are in thought - come together in a shared commentary on the volatility, and potential, of existing in such liminal spaces. In theory and actuality, in practice and in thought, Shivers presents a collection of visions that may tremble, rupture, collapse and reform.

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*Angela Carter, The Infernal Desire Machines of Doctor Hoffman